KWPN-NA mare "Imalottie SPF"

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2013 KWPN Mare "Imalottie"
Nickname Ima (full name Imalottie SPF)
Registration KWPN-NA, PROK (radiographic exam), Ster
Color, markings Bay, faint star, front pasterns, LH coronet, RH sock
Coat color genes E? A?
Height 16.0 h (64”, 162 cm) and growing
Date of birth 23 April 2013
Sire Zavall VDL, 16.3 h (67”, 169 cm) bay KWPN stallion. He has enjoyed great success in numerous International Grand Prix and competed in the 2012 Olympics in London. Zavall’s pedigree (Casall—Emilion—Cor de la Bryere) reads like a who’s who of international jumping superstars.
Dam Ulottie (Goodtimes-Calvados-G. Ramiro Z), 2001 16.2 h (66”, 167 cm) bay KWPN studbook mare at Six Pound Farm. Ulottie has produced many high-scoring KWPN jumper foals. Ulottie’s maternal grand-dam is the famed Elottie W (ster, preferent, prestatie), a famed mare that produced 7 offspring that competed at the international level. She also produced one KWPN-approved stallion—Amadeus. See Elottie photo gallery at the bottom of Ulottie’s page.
Progeny none
Comments Imalottie is modern Dutch mare who is progressing nicely under staddle. She is among the most intelligent horses we've worked with and radiates a willing, kind temperament. And the girl can jump! In 2016, she placed second in the Claybrook Cup Free-Jumping Competition and she was designated the KWPN-NA North American Reserve Champion Mare in the jumper division. Imalottie is in foal to Olympic Imothep for a 2017 foaling. We are indebted to breeder Tracy Geller of Six Pound Farm for this outstanding mare who inspires our work.


KWPN mare "Edin CHF"

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2009 KWPN Mare "Edin"
Nickname Edin (full name Edin CHF)
Registration KWPN-NA 840025 200900112
Color, markings Grey from dark bay, star, snip, LH coronet, RH half-pastern
Coat color genes E? A? Gg
Height 15.3 hands (63” or 160 cm)
Date of birth 25 May 2009
Sire Olympic Cardento, grey Holsteiner by Capitol I. A 17 h (173 cm) Elite stallion and Olympic competitor, Cardento comes from a superior line of jumpers. He has high jumping indices in the studbooks of KWPN (148), Sweden (165), and Germany (154). Cardento semen is now rare, as the 1992 stallion is mostly retired at VDL Stud in the Netherlands.
Dam Lidin Elite, bay KWPN mare by the illustrious “KWPN stallion of the century” Nimmerdor.
Progeny none
Comments Edin is a recent acquisition by Maefield Farm. Her pedigree is a veritable who’s-who of jumping prowess. Edin is a well-behaved but resilient mare. Like her Cardento and Nimmerdor kin, Edin is brave, athletic, and sensible. She shows all the traits of a focused performer who can “dig down” to use her grit if the going gets tough. Edin is going well under saddle but will be used as a brood mare for the next few years to perpetuate her great bloodlines. Another Cardento daughter (Fame VDL, who also shares Nimmerdor ancestry on the dam side) topped the sales at the September 2015 Dutch Sport Horse Sale.


KWPN filly "Katniss SPF"

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2015 KWPN Filly "Katniss"
Nickname Katniss (full name Katniss SPF)
Registration KWPN-NA foalbook (highest registry)
Color, markings Bay, star, LH sock
Coat color genes E? A?
Height Expected 16.1+ hands (65” or 165 cm)
Date of birth 2015
Sire Van Gogh (Numero Uno-Bernstein), 2002 bay 16.3 h (170 cm) KWPN stallion. He was champion of his stallion test. Van Gogh and rider Marco Kutscher are having great success at the highest levels of competition, with recent wins in the GCT GP in Valkenswaard, the CSI5* LA Masters GP and the CSI5* Hong Kong GP. Van Gogh received his Keur predicate from KWPN in 2016.
Dam Ushina Ster (Orame-Nimmerdor), bay 16 h ½” imported KWPN mare at Six Pound Farm. Ushina’s sire, Orame (Indoctro-Ramiro), was champion of his stallion licensing and competed up to 1.6 m under several riders, including Chris Kappler (USA). Orame cleared a 1.95 m fence at a competition in Europe.
Progeny none
Comments Katniss is a sensitive and curious girl. She is trusting and likes attention, but tends to be the most skeptical of our 3 yearlings when it comes to dealing with something new. But she is a quick learner and has acclimated to everything that comes her way. Kat has inherited her sire's lovely eyes—her "look of eagles" is already beginning to develop. Kat has completed her yearling schooling and will be ready for more lessons next year. We plan to keep Katniss for breeding for a few years while she's starting under saddle. Then look for her in the Grand Prix jumper classes a few years after that!


Hanoverian mare "Dulcinea GKF"

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2006 Hanoverian Mare "Dulcinea GKF"
Nickname Dulcy (full name Dulcinea GKF)
Registration American Hanoverian Society
Color, markings Black, arch-shaped star, LH coronet
Coat color genes Ee aa
Height 15.3 hands
Date of birth 1 August 2006
Sire Depardieu, (De Niro/Wolkenstein II), black Oldenburg stallion
Dam EM Winesse BC, imported chestnut Hanoverian Elite Mare
Progeny Arlington, 2012 bay colt
Comments Dulcinea (“Dulcy”) is a gorgeous and talented black Hanoverian mare. She has an impeccable pedigree with impressive talent for both dressage and jumping. Dulcy is very perceptive and a quick learner. Although she can be a bit skeptical of new people, she loves attention from her friends. She and her dam, Nessie, enjoy lots of pasture time together at Maefield Farm.


Thoroughbred Hunter mare "Clouds End"

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Thoroughbred Mare "Clouds End"
Nickname Cloud (full name Clouds End)
Registration Jockey Club, unraced
Color, markings Dark dappled bay, blaze, 4 socks
Coat color genes Ee A? gg
Height 16.2 hands (66” or 168 cm)
Date of birth 22 May 1996
Sire Caught Ya Lookin’
Dam Chase the Clouds
Progeny Cloud has produced a number of lovely hunter horse babies, including TB colt Macleods Skye ("Mac" 2012 by Long Distance Lad) and Caspian cross Edison M ("Deuce" 2013 by Caspian stallion Ed.
Comments Cloud has a gorgeous head with beautiful eyes. Her excellent conformation is matched by her fabulous movement and “10” jump. She was a show hunter for a number of years before becoming a brood mare. In 2015, Cloud was presented to the American Hanoverian Society along with her foal Seraphine. Cloud scored a 7 overall and was accepted in the mare book.


Oldenburg Hunter mare "LaDeDa"

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RPSI Mare "LaDeDa"
Nickname LaDeDa
Registration Approved Zweibrücker (Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International)
Color, markings Dark bay, small star, LF coronet, RF pastern
Coat color genes Ee Aa gg
Height 17.1 hands (175 cm)
Date of birth 21 March 1998
Sire Ukas (Mecklenburg, black)
Dam Katja (Oldenburg, bay) - papers were lost, but she is believed to be by Kasztelan out of a Abdullah mare
Progeny 2013 colt Peterferd by Palladio (at Crestline Farm, Kent, WA), 2012 Arriba (chestnut RPSI filly by Apiro)—at Maefield Farm—not for sale, 2011 Augustus (bay RPSI colt by Apiro)—at Maefield Farm—for sale, 2010 Alala S (chestnut RPSI filly by Apiro, #2 on 2010 RPSI tour), 2009 Accolade S (bay RPSI filly by Apiro )—at Silver Creek Farm, scored 8.2 at RPSI foal inspection.
Comments La De Da is a tall, beautiful mare who was a successful conformation hunter for several years. She has proven to be an excellent broodmare, bestowing both her size and good looks to her offspring. La De Da is a sensitive and affectionate mare who learns quickly.


Caspian Horse mare Kristull Jewel of the Sea Jumping

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Caspian Mare "Kristull Jewel of the Sea"
Nickname Sea
Registration Purebred Caspian, CHSA 0293
Color, markings Grey (from bay)
Coat color genes Ee A? Gg
Height 12.1 hands (49” or 124 cm)
Date of birth 22 May 2004
Sire Eastern Jehani, purebred Caspian stallion, grey
Dam Shepton Tamara, purebred Caspian mare, bay
Progeny Azad Ferozbanu (“Louise”) (2008, by Tabriz Said)
Comments Sea has very correct, well-balanced conformation. She has a refined head with large expressive eyes that she has passed to her daughter, Louise. Although she’s keeping busy as a broodmare at present, with her athletic ability and conformation, Sea could easily become a top-performer in the “small pony” category. Her jump is a consistent "10." Sea is in foal to Aloha (16.1 black Mecklenberg stallion) for a 2016 large pony foal.


Caspian Horse mare "Kristull Sumara"

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Caspian Mare "Kristull Sumara"
Nickname Sumara (full name Kristull Sumara)
Registration CHSA 0325
Color, markings Chestnut, blaze, LH sock
Coat color genes ee AA gg (confirmed by Vet Genetics Lab at UC Davis)
Height 12.1 hands (49” or 124 cm)
Date of birth 4 May 2005
Sire Henden Sufri, purebred Caspian stallion, chestnut
Dam Shepton Tamara, purebred Caspian mare, bay (also the dam of Sea)
Progeny 2008 –Ed, by MCCs Tabrizs Said. 2013 –Summer by Ridley
Comments Sumara is a pony-sized version of a fine TB hunter/jumper. For evidence that the Caspian is a true “hot-blooded” breed, one need look no further than Sumara to see all the expected features. Sumara’s first foal, Ed, is now serving as a stallion at Maefield Farm. We are very excited about her Ridley baby, "Summer Solstice," foaled in 2013. Summer is a picture of elegance with a great mind and endearing personality.


Caspian Horse mare "Kristull Daniska Top Lady"

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Caspian Mare "Kristull Daniska Top Lady"
Nickname Lady (full name Kristull Daniska Top Lady)
Registration CHSA 0241
Color, markings Grey from dark bay
Coat color genes E? Aa Gg
Height 11.2 hands (46” or 117 cm)
Date of birth 30 May 2003
Sire Forstals Danda Daniska, purebred Caspian stallion, grey (deceased, June 2014)
Dam Bytham Dortunca, purebred Caspian mare, bay
Progeny Azad Delbar ("Della" 2008, by Kristull Jetti). Azad Lilya ("Lily" 2010, by Eastern Jehani). Azad Tahmin (“Tad” 2011, by Marida Dadan)
Comments Lady is our most petite mare, with a cute face and mannerisms to match. She will “heel” at your elbow when food is being distributed, waiting for her turn. Despite her small frame, she has ground-covering gaits. In addition to her excellent conformation, Lady is a tolerant and attentive mom. Her babies have great jumping talent. Lady is in foal to Checkmate (16.3 chestnut Oldenburg stallion) for a 2016 foal.


Caspian Horse mare "Kristull Phillee"

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Caspian Mare "Kristull Phillee"
Nickname Phillee (full name Kristull Phillee)
Registration CHSA 0273
Color, markings Rose grey (Bay going grey)
Coat color genes Ee A? Gg
Height 12.1 hands (49” or 124 cm)
Date of birth 8 June 2003
Sire Henden Zebedee, purebred Caspian stallion, chestnut
Dam Henden Phillipa, purebred Caspian mare, grey
Progeny Azad Tishtar ("Tish" 2008 filly by Kristull Jetti), Azad Zirak ("Ricky" 2010 gelding by Eastern Jehani), Azad Rhoshan ("Ross" 2011 gelding by Eastern Jehani)
Comments Phillee is extremely agile and can turn on a dime. Her stride is long and graceful. She has a handsome profile. Phillee sometimes takes a skeptical view of new things, but that seems to be part of her “job” as alpha mare. She is very smart and adapts quickly to her surroundings. Phillee is an excellent mom, and we are expecting more great progeny from her.

Mares Previously at Maefield Farm


Hanoverian Elite Mare "EM Winesse BC"

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Hanoverian Mare "EM Winesse BC"
Nickname Nessie (full name EM Winesse BC)
Registration American Hanoverian Society, Elite Mare
Color, markings Chestnut, small star
Coat color genes ee Aa
Height 16.0 hands
Date of birth 27 Feb 1995 d. Jul 2016
Sire Wolkenstein II, (Weltmeyer/Wendkreis), chestnut Hanoverian stallion, reserve champion of 1992 stallion licensing in Verden, Germany
Dam Lady-Lou, chestnut Hanoverian mare
Progeny Several, including Dulcinea GKF at Maefield Farm
Comments The all-around sweetheart award goes to Nessie, and you couldn’t find a broodmare with a better pedigree or temperament. Nessie had fabulous conformation with a topline that remained gorgeous throughout her long life. Her legacy is a long line of outstanding Hanoverian offspring. Many thanks to Kathryn Anderson for allowing us to lease this gem of a broodmare.