Caspian mares on pasture

The horses at Maefield Farm have a great life. Turnout of at least 12 hours per day is the rule, and many horses are on pasture fulltime. When not on pasture, the horses are group housed in pens with access to stalls. All horses, even broodmares, receive individualized attention every day. Pasture and hay constitute the vast majority of their diets. A forage supplement is provided to balance their diets, and fresh water is supplied by an automatic watering system.

Caspians in the woods

The varied flora and fauna of our Ozark-border farm exposes our horses to a great variety of conditions and new experiences. The terrain ranges from fairly flat open pasture areas to wooded hillsides. The horses explore every inch of their territory and become confident and sure footed.

Caspians playing in the snow
Karyn Durham horse trainer

Foals are handled daily from birth. Prior to weaning, some foals accompany their dams to registry inspection events where the foals are evaluated and branded. Youngsters receive ground-training as yearlings. They are started under saddle briefly as 2-year-olds, get the winter off, and resume their lessons at 3 years. Training at Maefield Farm utilizes both our 60’ diameter round pen and 110’ x 200’ outdoor arena. Our trainer, Karyn Durham, has a great reputation for her starting methods that produce calm, willing horses that are ready to embark on successful careers. Leia Arcelona assists in starting the young Caspians, and we are blessed with a number of other talented young riders who put show miles on the ponies.